Sharing Christ and Building Believers


Jesus is our Master and we have purposed to build this site by his direction and guidance.  By the direction of the Holy Spirit, our goal is remind us all of the thing that Christ has taught and to help direct people to Jesus.  we have used the following principles to direct us as we have built this site.

  1. Proclaim Jesus as Lord.
  2. Seek Jesus and follow his direction for design and content.
  3. Use the gifts and talents he has given us through his Holy Spirit to build a site that is informative, encouraging, helpful and highlights the glory of His creation.

It is our hope that information on this site was helpful.  It is our goal that all information is correct and accurate.  We are fallible and if you find any information that needs correction please use the form below to send us an email.  If you  have feedback on the design of the site please let us know as well.

Thank you,